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Sophisticated services and a captivating atmosphere are exactly what you can rely on while staying in our hotels. Choose from Prague of a Hundred Spires, the spas of Budapest, verdant Warsaw or youthful Bratislava. Every city will bring you experiences and memories that last a lifetime.


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Mamaison Hotels & Residences are unique in their own style. But they do share something in common. You’ll experience a personalised approach to your individual needs at each.

Whether you’re travelling to Prague, Budapest, Warsaw or  Bratislava, we’re here for you. Always ready to offer meticulously furnished rooms and to provide first-class services.

Choose from any of our 9 Mamaison branded hotels and residences. Luxury hotels impart the right amount of appeal to your stay. Residences become your home away from home. Because in addition to meticulously furnished rooms, you’ll also find a fully equipped kitchenette, a living room and other furnishings for a long-term stay.

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Save while staying at CPI Hotels. When you register for the corporate program, you’ll enjoy fixed prices for the entire year, benefits during the stay itself, the option of earning points and redeeming them for vouchers, and a number of other bonuses. Contact us via email loyalty@cpihotels.com.

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We consider ecology a crucial topic due to the complexity of all our operations. You’ll find bulk dispensers for toiletries in the rooms and a minimum of printed materials and conventional plastic packaging. We also encourage guests to become involved. We support recycling efforts as well as water conservation and electricity efficiency measures. Some of our hotels establish composting facilities and keep bees on their roofs to supply your honey at breakfast. We’re constantly expanding to include additional hotels and ideas. We are pleased that you’re a part of that effort as well and thank you!

Chance 4 Children - Dr. Clown

”Every child deserves a chance.” CPI Hotels has been a long-term partner of the Nadační fond Chance 4 Children foundation, which has been helping socially disadvantaged children, ill children and children in emergency situations since 1996. We are also long-term supporters of the ‘Dr. Clown’ project. This project is the first and original programme for clowns in hospitals who provide “laugh therapy” to lessen the trauma experienced by children who are hospitalised for extended periods of time. CPI Hotels regularly provide lodging for the clowns and facilities for instructional workshops.

Maltese Aid - Hungary

Many women in the world often lack access to basic clothing and hygiene products. In cooperation with the Maltese Order, we’ve collected numerous bags full of clothes and supplies for women in need as part of the Women to women campaign. It all started with the idea that everyone has some clothing at home they don’t wear any more, which could be doing someone else a world of good. Instead of ending up as landfill, where it would become just another environmental burden, it brings joy and help someone in need. We’re pleased that we can also make a contribution.

Forest rescue foundation - Hungary

The rapid deforestation of the planet is one of the most pressing environmental problems facing the world. Natural ecosystems are disappearing, this is followed by erosion and landscapes devoid of life are spreading from country to country. We’ve decided to roll up our sleeves and help nature by basically planting the foundation of a new forest where one day our children may come and play. During our first meeting we planted 1,300 new trees over 1.5 acres of land in just one weekend. The selected tree species are native to the Hungarian landscape. We plan to continue reforesting the countryside in the future as well.

Prader-Willi Syndrome Association - Hungary

Every parent will tell you the worst thing that can happen is having a sick child and you are unable to help. Prader-Willi Syndrome is a very rare disease in children, who are subsequently very small in stature, suffer from mild intellectual and developmental disabilities and have an uncontrollable appetite that results in obesity and numerous other health problems. Around 400,000 people suffer from this incurable disease around the world. Parents with children affected by the syndrome have come together and established an association to find support and to help one another. We’re glad to be able to provide them with conference rooms for regular meetings.

Age of Hope - Hungary

The only concern for young children should be playing with friends, chatting and using their imagination. Unfortunately there are children who have to face going cold and going hungry. These are the children who have inspired us to regularly organise food drives. This helps them play, regularly attend school and get to the know the world just like us.

Jersey for life - Russia

Everyone can imagine how children in the hospital battle boredom and their illness, hoping they’ll soon be home with their parents, siblings and friends. The Jersey for Life foundation makes the dreams of chronically seriously ill children come true and arranges for them to meet with their sports heroes. We’re proud to offer our facilities to host just such meetings.

Tour 4 Charity - Czech Republic

Finding a way to combine your hobby with sometime useful can open up new opportunities to change the world around you. This was the exact thought one young American living in the Czech Republic had. He loved guiding tourists around the city but wanted to do more to help disadvantaged children. He established Tour 4 Charity, which is now ranked among the best guide services in Prague. Tourists get to know the city while making a difference and helping children in need. More than 30 million dollars have been collected since the concept was created in 1994. Tour 4 Charity is a part of the Chance 4 Children foundation.

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